Wolfie's Consciousness [Permanently in Flux]

Wolfie's Consciousness [Permanently in Flux] Wolfie; Scotland; 22; AroAce; Cis Lady; She/Her Pronouns; Jack-of-all trades.
I'm really a Duracell Werewolf in Disguise. Shh.
My 'Shipper Goggles' have been augmented to my face and thus become non-removable...HELP!
Captain of 'The HMS ClarDIS' - ALL ABOARD!
I am the Mad Wolf. The Superhero in Red, Black and Blue.

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Favorite Muggleborns headcanons (1/?)

I was born to save the doctor

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I was born to save the doctor

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This is what I offer you. Stars. I dream of nothing else. 

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"Our Captain… Is unbelievably soft on people."

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Skimmons AU Popstar:Skye is a pop singer on the rise. Soon after revealing her relationship with Jemma Simmons, a biochemist on her way to get a PhD, Skye is invited to have a lead role in a movie, alongside teenage heartthrob Grant Ward.

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this is beautiful

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[TGWTG] [Youtube]

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It is officially my birthday week. Yesssss

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