Wolfie's Consciousness [Permanently in Flux]

Wolfie's Consciousness [Permanently in Flux] Wolfie; Scotland; 22; AroAce; Cis Lady; She/Her Pronouns; Jack-of-all trades.
I'm really a Duracell Werewolf in Disguise. Shh.
My 'Shipper Goggles' have been augmented to my face and thus become non-removable...HELP!
Captain of 'The HMS ClarDIS' - ALL ABOARD!
I am the Mad Wolf. The Superhero in Red, Black and Blue.

Guess who just got the Shadow Runners App.


I have a a problem and that problem is an obsession with a children’s TV show … and I couldn’t care less.

ididntwearmybowtie I can totally see you’re stalking my blog.

And I am super OK with that.

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clara tea

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Nothing is better than getting told I am going to hell on my way to class. Free speech my ass, get those hateful pricks off the fucking quad. I do not pay thousands of dollars to hear ignorant doomsday preachers on campus ok

Need me to rough him up for ya. Go all Knight Wolfie on his arse.

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red + leliana (requested by hollowshadowwolf)


Impossible waiting

This is how called the ship Amy/Clara. I love these two lovely girlsss. I think they could make a beautiful couple! <3

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Impossible waiting

This is how called the ship Amy/Clara. I love these two lovely girlsss. I think they could make a beautiful couple! <3

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Ian complaining about his chair

Marina & the Diamonds
The Family Jewels

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Marina & the Diamonds | Numb

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"Hey daddy, can I have some ice cream?"


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power rangers is a story of….

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As requested by several of you :]

Ghost Rider 2 Review 

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SlideShow s01e02: Tilt the set! [x]

I don’t usually add captions but this fucking show just about murdered me when I finally managed to catch it I laughed so hard watch it it’s worth it

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Ulterior Motives + red & green

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